Court Assist serves the growing number of people choosing to represent themselves in court without a lawyer, and those eager to avoid legal action with powerful, strategic letters.  Access support from professionals committed to helping you represent yourself effectively and affordably.  Pay only for the help you need – when you need it.  *Confidentiality is always guaranteed.*

Family law / Small Claims / Immigration / Adoption / Landlord & Tenant / Consumer disputes and Advocacy.


Information Call: NO Cost
Tell us about your situation and we’ll take time to help you identify the services you need most  AND connect you with one (or more) of our verified and trusted professionals best qualified to help. Professional writers will help you state your case with power and conviction, courtroom coaches will give you confidence by explaining court room procedures and protocol, mediators can help achieve a negotiated settlement, and court buddies will help you stay organized, take notes and offer support during a hearing. If you require legal advice, we’ll connect you to an experienced lawyer who will give you direction at a fixed rate. 

Prep Package (for those seeking legal advice)$100 
This will help you get the most from your consultation with a lawyer – and save money! Court Assist collects the details of your case and prepares a summary for the lawyer best qualified to address your situation. You’ll get a copy of the summary AND a written check-list of topics to cover with the lawyer. We’ll help you stay organized and focused to avoid wasting time and money (a lawyer’s time is expensive!). 

Legal Link: from $95 *

Connect with a carefully selected lawyer who is experienced AND dedicated to serving clients who are representing themselves. Use the Court Assist Prep Package to get the most from your legal consultation and get peace of mind knowing you’re on the right track. 

* per 15 minute consultation 

Clear Documents:  from $150**

How well you state your case in writing has a big impact on the outcome. Court Assist will help ensure your documents or letters are clear, concise and effective (Motions, Responses, Agreements, Advocacy Letters and more).

**Exact fees always quoted in advance – no surprises! **Advocacy Letters start at $50.

Court Buddy: from $150***

We’ll go to court with you, help you organize, take notes during the proceeding and offer support.

***based on 2 hours (geographic limits apply)


Quick & Easy! 

​As a single mother who often works long hours, I  didn’t have enough time to devote to my divorce and custody case. And while I desperately needed some expert advice and direction, I couldn’t afford to hire a lawyer to take over. Court Assist helped me prepare the documents I needed and arranged for a consultation with an experienced lawyer who gave me important direction. I felt confident and well prepared to continue my case, all for less than $500 – well worth it! 

Thank you Court Assist – five stars*****  (J.L.C.)

No headaches! 

When a customer filed a small claims suit against my business for more than $5,000, I was caught off guard. Paying for a lawyer was too costly, and doing the paperwork myself was intimidating. Court Assist gave me the help I needed at a fee that was very fair. When the case went to mediation, I saved thousands.

Great service!   (S.G.C.)

Help when we really needed it.

When we decided to adopt, Court Assist was there to help us create a profile that would clearly represent the type of parents we would be and the home and family life we were ready to create.

This helped us to be matched with our precious son and welcome him home. (K.Z.)