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Learn more about representing yourself with confidence from our partner The Family Law CoachOpens in a new tab..  Access fixed rate legal advice from experienced family law lawyers and explore the site for information and useful tips to help you manage your case more effectively.

Will the growing phenomenon of self-represented litigants force the legal system to re-examine itself? Opens in a new tab.looks at the story from all sides: litigants, judges, lawyers and academics.

The National Self-Representing Litigants Project is a group dedicated to advocating and assisting those representing themselves in legal matters. A few months ago the NSRLP launched a national databaseOpens in a new tab. of professional assisting self-representing litigants.

Can’t Afford a Lawyer? The Toronto Star looks at innovations to help self-representing litigantsOpens in a new tab. get a fair hearing. 

Standing up in court or at a mediation hearing to represent yourself is intimidating and stressful. Heather Hui-Litwin will help prepare you with personal or group coaching. Check out her blog at litigation-help.comOpens in a new tab. for upcoming info sessions in the GTA. 

Community Legal Education Ontario – CLEO – has lots of useful information on their web site, including this flow chart: Steps in a Family Law CaseOpens in a new tab.

Link to the most common Court Forms Opens in a new tab.used in Family Law in Ontario, and information on how to file. 

Julie Macfarlane is a Professor of Law at the University of Windsor and a dedicated advocate for changes in the judicial system to help support the growing numbers of people who are representing themselves. Her blog outlines a 10-Step plan for change.Opens in a new tab.